Thursday, April 29, 2010

Jane Edwards Elementary School

This is how a conversation went upon meeting a stranger and telling them my name...
me: "Hi, I'm Jane Marie Edwards."
stranger: "What...your name is Jane Edwards?"
me: "(confused) that a bad thing?"
stranger: "Did you know that you have an Elementary school named after you?"
me: "Really????"
stranger: "Yes, I went to Jane Edwards Community School at Edisto Beach."
me: "Holy crap! Thats soooooo cool!"

So here ya go...check out Jane Edwards Community School!
I wonder if they will have any new teaching positions open in the Fall of 2011?? I would so take it!


  1. Love it!! I think they need to give you a teaching job just because of your name :)

  2. Muaha! That is toooooo funny. Xoxo-BLC