Wednesday, April 21, 2010

All the Single Ladies

“We’re single and free; use that to your advantage…
Don’t waste a minute of your time waiting around… Live a full life”

Its not fun to hear but true that 8 out of 10 young women say they are hoping for marriage but 3 out of 10 women are still single at 30. For all of those that fall into this still waiting around for the white horse and prince category (that would be me:)... its hard to find contentment and reality with this situation. I tend to view it as a big struggle in my life, but realize that I am missing out on the here and now. Us single ladies need to be making the most of the time between now and the future for which so many of us hope for.
I found a book that I am definitely going to add to my growing reading list. Jennifer Marshall's Now and Not Yet, helps in making sense of life in "the gap between expectations and reality." The book goes hand in hand with my ever going strive to live in the moment and commitment to be fully present in the here and now.

Ten Ways to Live Now and Not Yet

1. Live deliberately
2. Be reflective
3. Seek balance in life
4. View life as an adventure
5. Take reality in stride
6. Continue to hope for marriage
7. Have an elastic view of the future
8. Have a sense of purpose anchored in God
9. Be sober about vulnerabilities, make choices accordingly
10. Be encouraged by what God has done to this point


  1. This is such good advice! I am so with you on the making the most of the time between now and the future (so much easier said than done sometimes). Here's to enjoying every day :)

  2. Wonderful, wonderful advice! So wish I had read this post a year would definitely have made me feel not so alone :)

  3. Ooohh I want to read that one too!