Friday, April 9, 2010

The Buried Life

Did you happen to catch Oprah today? The guys from MTV's "The Buried Life" were I have not watched MTV in approximately three years so I had never heard of this show, but oh la la are the boys super cute and sweet! Here's their project...

"Relying on goodwill, guts and gumption Duncan, Ben, Dave and Jonnie travel the globe in a purple transit bus to complete a list of ‘100 things to do before you die’ and to help and encourage others to go after their own lists."

So the big question...what is your number 1 thing you want to do before you die? Me...well I want to travel to every state in the United States.


  1. What a cool idea! Love that purple bus, so fun. #1 thing on my list? Wow that's tough. Hmm, I'd say as long as I can keep adding stamps to my passport and see as much of the world as possible, I'd be a happy girl!

    Wishing you a great weekend cutie!

  2. I've seen this show before, and it is really neat!

    As far as what I would do....I just don't know. Isn't that terrible? One thing before I die. I think it would be sky dive. Which could very well be when I die as well :-o