Saturday, May 29, 2010

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weenie

In honor of Memorial Day weekend here is a little history lesson for you...
The "Bikini"

The bikini was invented and launched almost simultaneously by two French fashion designers: Jacques Heim and Louis Reard. Heim was a swimsuit designer who had created a two-piece suit to be sold in his beach shop in Cannes. He marketed the swimsuit as the “Atome,” (named for its small size and meant to be compared with the atom, the smallest particle of matter yet known). The same summer of 1946 in which Heim was introducing his “Atome,” Louis Reard was creating his own similar, two-piece swimsuit. He named and marketed his swimsuit as the bikini, proclaiming that it was “smaller than the smallest bathing suit in the world.” Reard christened his swimsuit the bikini in honor of post-WWII, experimental atomic bombs being detonated in the South Pacific, near the Bikini Reef. The bikini soon superseded the “Atome” as the official appellation of the two-piece swimsuit. The bikini received its first official induction into swimwear fashion on July 5, 1946 when French model Micheline Bernardini paraded onto the runway in it at a poolside fashion show in Paris. A number of American correspondents responsible for reporting the fashion show were both shocked and titillated by the model’s skimpy attire. While many Americans believed the bikini was simply too scandalous for virtuous American women to adopt, the bikini would make its debut into American fashion only one year later.
What bikini will you be sporting this weekend?

Friday, May 28, 2010


Where can I get a copy?
*Courtesy of Pink Wallpaper

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Missing in Action

Goodbye May and hello to summer...

I have not fallen off the face of this earth...just took a mini-vaca from the blogging world to rejuvenate. With exams, work, and other unexpected happenings, this journey has gotten a bit road blocked...I am sure you can relate.
What is it with this time of year? I always seem to get a bad case of senioritis and I am not even in high school anymore. Granted, I did have a hectic grad course load this semester, but I feel that I have had senioritis in all aspects of my life from not wanting to blog and to feeling very disconnected with reality.
Next week I will be heading to the beach for a week and looking forward to spending time with good friends, my sister, and attending a good friend's wedding. Then its back to class on June 7th. I must say I am ready for a more steady schedule.
Thanks for being patient with me...

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Trust in the Lord

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths"
(Proverbs 3:5,6).

Sometimes we do not understand why things happen...

We get angry. We cry. We feel guilt.

Things just do not seem fair sometimes...but I have to believe that God sees a lot of strength in my family. He has put things along our path because he wants us to turn to him and ask for help and guidance. We truly can not rely on our own understandings but look up to Him in all our ways.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

I Said A Mother's Prayer For You
I said a Mother's Day prayer for you
to thank the Lord above
for blessing me with a lifetime
of your tenderhearted love.
I thanked God for the caring
you've shown me through the years,
for the closeness we've enjoyed
in time of laughter and of tears.
And so, I thank you from the heart
for all you've done for me
and I bless the Lord for giving me
the best mother there could be!
-Author Unknown

(Mom andI pictured at the race last night....not a very becoming pic!)

Oh sorry I am for my lack of posts this past week! I have 4 exams this coming week to get through and then things will get back to normal. This weekend I did take a break from the work to come spend the weekend in Darlington, SC with my family for Mother's Day and the race. Would you have ever guessed that I have been to a NASCAR race??? Its only natural if your family is from Darlington!

Enjoy your Sunday and I shall return in a couple of days!

(And Lola says hi!)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

I gotta keep working...

Of course we all know the Blackeyed Peas infamous song "I gotta feeling," well right about now I am thinking that "I gotta keep working..."
On the agenda for this week...
1 test
1 research paper
1 video clip of lesson

So in order for me to keep working, I have to be MIA for the next couple of days. I'll leave you with a fun pic from my weekend at the beach for a dear friend's bachelorette party. It was oh so fun with too much sun, everything pink and orange, and a stretch hummer.