Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pink Perfection

Tonight, my Mama hosted a few dear friends over for dinner and a game of bridge (yes they are all 55 years +). I helped Mom in making sure everything was pink and ready for a Valentine's Day gathering! We made a strawberry shortcake for desert...isn't it pretty! As you know I love anything pink. I can't wait to be able to host my own dinner parties one day! Oh and you must visit one of Atlanta Magazine's newest blog writers here! This was written by one of my dearest friends and her description of her mother is just like mine. I am off to enjoy a piece of this pink heaven!


  1. Yummy! What a great way to get in the Valentine spirit!

  2. Oh la la! What fun!!! I love all things pink. And, is that a pink room I spy?!? Xoxo-BLC