Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ash Wednesday

If you are like me, Ash Wednesday snuck up on you this year. Today starts the day where so many will give up chocolate, diet coke, or some other means of pleasure for 40 days until Easter. My Mom asked me yesterday, "have you decided what you are giving up yet." I quickly realized that giving up a certain food would not be a good idea for so I started brainstorming what is something that will be really hard for me to give up...
Diet Drinks?
Splenda in my coffee?
And I won't even begin the other addictions in my life that we all know need assistance...

I have decided this year that I want to make a conscious effort for Lent this year to do certain things that will genuinely help build my character and "realness" , rather than to traditionally "give up" something. I have determined three goals/ must do's for each day for the next 40 days:
1. Write in my Journal Every SINGLE day...yes everyday. Now I have about 20 different journals that I have written in over the past several years that have managed to have lots of empty pages on them. It is a known fact that we can really benefit from writing down our thoughts and feelings each day, whether it be through a letter to God or ourselves.
2. Help someone each day by giving them thanks, praise, or lending a hand.
3. Focus on the positives in my life. Give thanks for the many blessings that God has provided with me.

I'll let you know how I do! What are you doing for the next 40 days?
PS...I am so desperately seeking Spring right now I can't stand it. I am thinking about getting my teaching certification in FL once I complete my masters...Any one want to move to Key West with me?? I had to post this picture from the Costal Living's best issue ever! I am thinking of running away to this location!


  1. Hello, JM, I'm so glad to have found your blog! It's adorable. I visited Spartanburg for the first time last week! I'm pining for spring as well right now and (though it was quite frigid in SC last week) I do wish I lived someplace a little more south than Washington, DC, like the Carolinas or especially Key West! I also wanted to tell you how my lenten resolution is the same as yours - I'm working on being more positive everyday, being mindful of all the things I am grateful for, and trying to write down my thoughts in a journal everyday. Then these 40 days of lent will be a journey and Easter can be a celebration of having made much better habits! Good luck on your journey, and again, it was a pleasure meeting you and your blog :) Best,

  2. hi darling!!! so i looooove that photo and link..amaze!! and i feel you about not giving anything up, be it a trigger food or not. regardless, i'm going to try with the chocolate...wish me luck and no sunday-binges. so weird, i have had nightmares two nights in a row that i binged and woke up literally getting out of bed to purge...but then realized all the eating was a dream. stressed much?

  3. I found your blog via the Pink Washingtonette, your title caught my eye since I've been a redhead for about 1 1/2 years now!
    As I read futher into your blog I saw that you and I have some similar issues. I'm a recovering anorexic, which had turned to a form of bulimia, according to the dr, about 2 years ago. Because of my hate for food, but also because I'm starving, I'll eat a huge meal and then restrict calories for the next day or so, and extreme exercise, of course!

    I don't know that I'll ever have a normal relationship with food, but I'm now experiancing health issues relating to my lifetime of this issue. I haven't blogged about it, but you may just inspire me to do so. I'm very impressed with the honesty of your blog.