Friday, January 29, 2010


This has been the longest week ever! The fam, two dogs, and I are off to Charleston to stay with my sweet sister (have you looked at her blog lately?) and brother-in-law. The rest of the fam will be joining us on Saturday for the celebration. When asked what do you want to do this year for your birthday...on request...Tea party at Fuschia! Its my favorite little spot downtown and the perfect place for afternoon tea and cupcakes. I am obsessed with this best kept secret in Charleston. So excited that Buddy will be joining us for teas as well. Hopefully some spring shopping will be thrown in there as well! Cheers to a great weekend! (yes...I do love being the princess for one day of the year!)

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  1. hi hun!! i just discovered your blog, and it's SO cute! we have a lot in common (from being redheads to battling the same ED to loving lilly) so i can't wait to start following you :)