Sunday, January 30, 2011

Royal Status

" Sometimes you just have to let your SPARKLE out."- Geraldine
I was lucky enough to have my best buddy attend my Birthday party this past weekend and she might have given me one of my favorites gifts! Have you read it...
Its Julie Andrew's Children's book with a red-headed heroine named Geraldine who lives each day as if she is a fairy princess. I just can't wait to share this gem with my new found friends at school.
Sometimes we all feel like we have royal status, right?

(My Buddy and Me)


  1. That's so cute. My cousin in a red head and I always snap pictures and send her gift with red head's. I am definitely going to get this for her. Hope you has a great birthday.!

  2. Hi there, I am meeting loads of red-heads today! LOVE it. And love red hair - my sister has it! What a wonderful tribe of cool people...Think Pippi was a red head too!