Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Pink Show

Yes I am a Martha Stewart fan. Because of my attention to detail and domestic qualities (hehe) I have been called "lil" Martha for some time now. I hardly ever get to watch her show anymore but often browse her website and guess what is coming up on entire show dedicated to all things PINK! What could be better???!!!??

The show will feature pink flower arranging, baking, fashion, party ideas, and my personal favorite, Darcy's pink finds. If you do not know who Darcy is, she is the editorial editor of Martha Stewart Weddings. She is the vision for it all and has the most wonderful ideas.

And my favorite photo for think I tease but I am dead serious, I would definitely glide down the isle in this Amazing pale PINK wedding gown.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow to Martha's PINK spectacular!


  1. is there anything better than pink I say! glad we both luurrv it so!



  2. I love everything pink!! :-) Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! :-)

  3. Love it! Anything pink has my stamp of approval!

  4. That gown is gorgeous! And I really need to learn how to make those paper flowers. I have a baby shower to throw in about 8 weeks and they would be pink!

  5. Love Love Martha & of course, beautiful flowers!

    I've left you somthing at my blog ;)

  6. Oh to be called little Martha, how I would love that! So far, nobody has, but I am happy to be aquainted with someone who is! I so adore her as well!