Monday, March 15, 2010

Its the 100th!

I can't believe it...this is my 100th post to Lola's Journey to and From! All weekend I thought about what I wanted to post for this one, or what I wanted to highlight, but nothing really stood out to me. I did start to think about how my blog goes from silly pictures of things I am currently obsessed with to more serious topics that include my day to day struggles. I never know what will suddenly pop into my head or inspire me.

So that brings me to this question...what defines us? What makes up our identity? Who am I? Whose am I?

So often I find that I get lost in the worries of life and often too consumed with how things look (or more specifically how I look). I worry that I am defined in my family as the one with the red hair and eating disorder, other than my personality and character traits. I also feel lost with out a husband to start a family with to create a new identity separate from my parents.

My journey through life is definitely about determining who I am and where I fit into this world. Slowly, I am realizing that its not a man or children that will define me. With each day brings better insight to what my passions and goals are in life. This time last year I didn't know that I would want to go to Graduate school and pursue a career as an educator. I didn't know this time 6 months ago, that I would begin to have an appreciation for small town Spartanburg. You never know what you will determine about yourself, we just have to remember to be open to the possibilities and focus on the positive things in our lives.

I do not know that we ever exactly determine "who we are" but I do know that with age and experience, we get a better understanding of our values and our place in the world. God has a plan for each of us. We belong to him and HE longs to give us great confidence in who we are. Our ultimate destination is not here on Earth but an eternal life in Heaven with our Lord.