Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Looking to the Future

I had my first night of my new Alpha course tonight. Its so funny how when something is heavily on your mind and then you are reminded of the same topic just in everyday life. I am always trying to live in the moment, but I must admit its rather difficult for me...I often find I do not like the moment I am in. My friends and I have to remind ourselves this constantly!!! Well...tonight at Alpha, the video reminded me that I am always looking to the future and never quite satisfied with the here and now. For example, this entire week I have been just thinking about the upcoming weekend going to Clemson and then meeting my new baby cousin on Sunday. Other times I find myself going through challenges and if I just remind myself that at this very moment "I am ok" I usually can get through it. Why don't we enjoy every minute that we have on this earth? Our time here is so limited and precious that I want to be able to not always say to myself "well tomorrow is another day and I will start over then." Its so frustrating!! Hopefully, Alpha will be helpful in teaching me this and showing me how only God can completely satisfy and fulfill me.
Off to enjoy this moment...AKA watching Bravo,

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