Saturday, November 28, 2009

Back on the Blog Bandwagon...

My sincere apologies...I am a total failure at blogging lately! I was asked over Thanksgiving if I had posted anything recently and it stressed me out...literally I could not go to sleep because I was saddened by my laziness.

Well a few things have come up since I have been away! First and most importantly, I am starting a new job on Monday! Since I am going to be taking a lot more hours starting Spring term, I can't have a full-time job so I really have not been looking for one. Well, I got a call to come and interview at this adorable little school for a Title 1 tutor position. Well she must have liked my spunk because I got the job! Starting Monday, I will go everyday from 7:39-11 or so and help with struggling 5th graders. Now yes some of these kiddos are bigger than me and I might have to refresh on my math skills, but I am really excited about being in the schools everyday! As we all know, I do not do well with downtime, so this added structure is going to be so welcomed. Hopefully I will have some good stories to share about my new 5th grade friends.

Today, we got home from a relaxing trip to OIB for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday, and it was a great one this year, just a bit stressful for me. With Christmas right around the corner, Mimi is in full gear in the kitchen. Of course, this creates anxiety for me, but I am going to just take one day at a time...

I can't wait to share pics of the tree we purchase this year...hopefully it will be taller than me this year!
Merry Christmas!

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