Saturday, August 22, 2009

A new day= new goals

After a rough couple of days...its a new day and every moment has the possibility of being a fresh start. No use in dwelling on our mistakes and past, but look to the future for hope and encouragement.
Just a few goals on my agenda to incorparate into my daily routine:
  • Focus on the positives less on the negatives
  • Get pumped about graduate school starting next week...did I mention that I am getting my Masters in Teaching elementary education. No worries friends...only Lilly jumpers are acceptable.
  • Plan menu and actually write in food journal (its a really cute planner!)
  • Reach out and scream when bad urges arise!!!!!

Thats about all for now...

Until later....




  1. finally!!! How long have we been talking about your very own blog!?!?!
    Hope this isn't "web filtered" away from me at work :)
    xoxo, m

  2. Hey, Jane Marie! Keep writing, and I'll keep reading. Miss you!