Sunday, February 6, 2011

First 3 down...57 more to go

Well this past week was my first week student teaching in third grade. Let me start off by saying that my cooperating teacher is an angel, the children are precious, and I have never been so exhausted in my entire life...
In these three quick days, I planned lessons, studied permanent records, and even experienced my second Colonial Day (the first being when I was a third grader at this ver
y same elementary school). It was truly a great first week, but I realized that I have so much to learn and also need to let go of my previous flexible-easy going schedule. No more leisurely mornings spent sipping coffee and watching my morning shows. No more wasting time on the millions of blogs I follow or the embarrassing amount of time I spend on Facebook. NOPE...thats all coming to an end.
I found myself getting in a tizzy that I would never get everything I needed to accomplish outside of school. How I would be able to chat to all of my buddies? When would I paint? How could Lola get all her ball playing time in? These three days really pushed me to my limit in that I have got to return to my mantra for fully eng
aged in the moment!
So just for your enjoyment here is a picture on my first day where we were stenciling our Pine Street Colonial Day tote bags. please don't laugh. Here is a group photo from Colonial Day. I must say the dress was rather comfy.
Cheers to week 2!


  1. What a busy week you have had! I will say that I have two very dear friends that are teachers, and eventually they have found the time to do it all. They even find moments to kick back and relax as well :) I think it's probably just HUGE adjustment, and give yourself a while to get into a routine.

  2. So cute! The colonial day dress made me laugh!

  3. LOVE the dress! Perfect for Colonial Day!! And yes, beyond exhausted but loving every minute of it! Cherrs to week two my friend!

  4. How exciting! You look so happy!